Tuesday, June 20, 2017

A Series of Discussions:
               The Teachings of 
           G.I. GURDJIEFF
                      and the 

Struggle for a Meaningful Existence

What is Work On Oneself?

  • June 13 · 6:30 PM 
  • Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, East Liberty
    2nd Floor Meeting Room
    130 Whitfield Street
    Pittsburgh, PA 15206
We have scheduled an additional three discussions on the following dates.  All of these meetings will be on Tuesday evenings (6:30-8:00) at the East Liberty Carnegie Library.

• June 27th
• July 11th
• July 25th

Previously, we began with the topic The wish to be myself; then, To be myself begins with self-knowledge; and lastly, Self-knowledge begins with work on oneself.
On June 13th, we'll continue this line of development with What is work on oneself?
Work on oneself has a number of aspects.  The realization of our possibilities first depends upon our active participation.  Intentional effort is necessary, as we open to the question, what is required?

I do not know myself. I begin to feel I must come to a moment of Presence that is more complete. What I need above all is to have an impression—as deep as possible—of myself. . . .
We need to see what is in the way, and we need to understand why receiving an impression is so difficult. It is not because I do not wish to receive it. It is because I am not able. I am always closed, whatever the circumstances of life. At times, maybe for a flash I am open to an impression. But almost immediately I react. The impression is automatically associated with other things and the reaction comes. The button is pushed and this or that thought, emotion or gesture must follow. I cannot help it, first of all because I do not see it. My reaction cuts me off from the impression, as well as from the reality it represents. This is the barrier, the wall. In reacting, I close. 

                                                            - Madame De Salzmann,  "The Reality of Being"

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